The Ultimate Safe Nutrition Guide: Can Cats Eat Mint Ice Cream?

Mint has a luring smell, and as a cat owner, I’ve always wondered: Can cats eat mint ice cream?

Cats are curious by nature, and when mine smells something interesting, they want a taste!

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Do you have a mint garden? Or has your cat ever shown interest in your bowl of mint ice cream? You’ve probably wondered if they can have a nibble too!

So, can cats eat mint ice cream? The short answer is no.  

Luckily, there are ways to let your cat experience the sweet, lingering coolness of mint without exposing them to toxicity. In this article, I explain how by mentioning the mint alternatives I’ve given my cat.

The Mint Plant

There are several different plants in the mint family, including spearmint and peppermint. They have large leaves and a distinguishable smell that can attract your cat.

If you have some growing in your herb garden, you should fence them off. Your cat should not eat any part of a mint plant since it’s toxic to felines.

Why is my cat obsessed with ice cream?

Mint Alternatives For Cats

If your cat has ever shown interest in the smell of mint, you’ve probably wanted to let them taste and experience its flavor.

Feeding your cat with mint from your garden is not an option. You can give them one of these great alternatives:


Catmint is a feline-safe mint alternative that your cat will become obsessed with! It can induce a drug-like euphoria that poses no harm to your fuzzball, and it has a natural, minty flavor and no harmful additives. 

If you’re growing catmint for your kitty, you can crush some and make your own mint-infused cat treats or even cat ice cream!

Mint-infused water 

If you’re able to press some catmint to extract its juices, you can mix this with your cat’s water to create a mint-infused drink. It’s a challenging process, but my cat loved their mint water, and I know yours will too!

Mint toys

Many cat toys on the market are infused with catmint. The most popular are breath mint sticks that won’t only satisfy your cat’s craving for mint but also clean their teeth and freshen their breath.

Mint treats

Catmint-infused treats are a winner with most cats! If your fuzzball loves the smell and flavor of mint, they’ll love mint-infused treats.

Most of those available in pet shops are infused with artificial mint flavoring that’s non-toxic to cats. You can also make your own cat treats with catmint from your garden. 

Can Cats Eat Mint Ice Cream?

Nothing beats the summer heat like ice cream! If you like enjoying this cold treat on a hot day, you’ve probably wondered if your cat would too. Most cats love ice cream, but not all ice cream is safe for them to consume.

Mint Ice Cream Safety For Cats

If you give your cat a little taste of your store-bought mint ice cream, they won’t drop dead.

Mint ice cream is delicious and typically infused with artificial mint flavoring. This ingredient is perfectly safe for your cat to consume in small amounts. You shouldn’t give your kitty mint ice cream as a daily treat, but spoiling them once in a while won’t do any harm. 

Symptoms of mint intolerance

After you give your cat mint ice cream for the first time, you need to be on guard for any signs that indicate intolerance to it. Your cat will need to eat tons of mint before it intoxicates them, but your kitty may be sensitive to the flavoring.

Mint intolerance symptoms include:

  • Gastrointestinal upset like diarrhea and vomiting
  • Dizziness
  • Cramps

If your notice any of these symptoms in your cat, you should stop giving them mint ice cream and opt for another treat.

Different Types Of Mint Ice Cream For Cats

If your cat reacts badly to commercial mint ice cream, you should buy them ice cream made for cats. 

You can call your local pet shops to see if they stock it or browse for online stores that deliver. If you can’t find any, you can make your own! There are many benefits to making mint-infused ice cream for your cat, with the greatest one being that you control the ingredients.

Homemade mint ice cream is easy to make:

  1. Crush 1 cup of catmint to a fine consistency
  2. Add the catmint to 1 gallon of milk
  3. Bring the milk to a boil, and let it cool
  4. Once the milk mixture is cooled, add 2/3 cups of sugar
  5. Whisk the milk and sugar until it reaches a creamy consistency

To Sum It Up

Mint can be toxic to cats when they consume it in unsafe amounts. If you want to treat your cat with a scoop of mint ice cream, you can safely give them catmint-infused ice cream.

I hope this article makes you feel at ease to give your cat some mint ice cream. It’s a treat they’ll love!

You can ask any questions you have about mint ice cream for cats in the comments or share how your cat’s first experience with mint went.

Can cats eat peppermint?

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Is mint poisonous for cats?

Mint is toxic for cats. When your cat consumes the leaves, flowers, or stems of this herb, they can experience diarrhea, seizures, or vomiting. However, catmint is perfectly safe for cats to consume. 

What flavor of ice cream can cats eat?

If you want to feed your cat ice cream as a treat, vanilla-flavored ice cream is the best choice. You can also use this flavor as a base and infuse it with catmint or another non-toxic flavorant. 

Can cats eat peppermint?

No, your cat should not eat any part of a peppermint plant. If your cat enjoys the taste, it's safer to give them a treat made with peppermint flavoring. 

Why is my cat obsessed with ice cream?

Your cat can be obsessed with ice cream for a few reasons. The smell, texture, and taste of ice cream draw them in. Another reason cats enjoy eating ice cream is because they can lick it.