Kitty Diet: Can Cats Eat Plantains?

Adding fruits and veggies to their diet helps to keep it balanced, but can cats eat plantains? Before you feed this exotic fruit to your pet, you should know the answer to this question!

Plantains aren’t much different from bananas. They look and taste similar, but plantains have thicker skin. It’s also rare to find people eating them raw as they do bananas. Plantains contain high levels of starch and are used as a vegetable. 

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When my cats started showing interest in the plantains I cooked, I knew I had to find out if it was safe to feed some to them. In this article, I share what I now know about plantains to help you make the right decision for your kitty!

Can Cats Eat Plantains?

Plantains are non-toxic to cats, and they’ll get some great health benefits from eating them. Cooking plantains is the most popular route, and your kitty will love the sweet taste it develops during this process.

You can serve plantains to your cat as an occasional snack without worrying that they’ll fall ill.

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The Benefits Of Plantains For Cats

Plantain is rich in fiber and contains some minerals and vitamins that are essential for cats.


If your cat has any digestive issues, a serving of plantain might just be what they need! The fiber in plantains will help move any food stuck in your feline’s body through their digestive tract.


Cats can use trace amounts of copper in plantains to keep their red blood cells healthy. Copper is also a great help in forming collagen, bones, and connective tissue in a cat’s body. 


Iron is necessary for cats to maintain their health. If you notice your cat has an iron deficiency, you should correct it immediately. Although plantains aren’t high in iron, every little bit helps!


Potassium helps your cat’s body muscles and nervous system perform at their best. Plantains have even more potassium than other bananas.


Magnesium helps cats manage their hormones and assists their bodies on a cellular level, and it also helps your kitty build stronger teeth and bones. If your cat has a magnesium deficiency, their enzyme function decreases, and in time their whole body will start to sicken.


Plantain has decent amounts of vitamin A, B, C, and K. These help cats maintain healthy skin, a shiny coat, and properly functioning bodily systems. 

 Can cats eat plantain leaves

How Many Plantains Can Cats Eat?

A thin slice of medium-sized plantain per day is enough for your kitty. You should never feed them a whole or even half a plantain at once!

Plantains are high in carbs and starch, which convert to glucose when your cat eats them. Glucose is the same as sugar in your kitty’s body, and if they regularly eat it, they can gain a lot of weight.

A diet high in carbs can also cause inflammation for your feline, lead to diabetes, and contribute to irritable bowel disease.

How To Feed Plantains To Cats

Cats can eat raw plantains, but they taste better when cooked.

Unlike bananas, plantains are starchy and not as sweet. When you cook a plantain, its flavors are enhanced, and you get a dessert-like treat.

My cats like cooked plantain more than the raw version. 

How To Cook Plantains For Cats

The best way to cook plantains is by frying or baking them as you would a potato. You can use coconut or olive oil which are both safe for cats. 

Frying: Start by thinly slicing a ripe plantain diagonally. Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry each slice for a couple of minutes on each side.

Baking: To bake the plantains, you can slice them the same. Coat each with a bit of oil and spread them on a baking sheet. Bake the plantains for about 40 minutes at 350°F, turning them halfway.

Wait for the plantains to cool entirely before serving a piece to your cats.

Do Cats Like Plantains?

Cats don’t usually eat plantains, but they’ll be curious to know how it tastes if it’s available. 

Some cats, like mine, absolutely love plantains. Others don’t care for it. With cats, you just never really know!

If you’re growing plantains in your yard and notice that your cat explores around the tree a lot, you should consider giving them a bite. If they turn down raw plantains, fry or bake it for them – it’ll be much tastier!

In Conclusion

Plantains are non-toxic to cats, but they can cause health issues when they eat too much. You should never feed your kitty more than a thinly sliced plantain per day. If you plan on mashing or cubing it to add it to your cat’s dry or wet food, you should keep how much you’ve already given them in mind before their next portion.

The chances that your cat will like or hate plantains are equal! There’s just never knew before you serve it to them. Giving your cat raw plantains may be less successful than when you fry or bake them, so I suggest skipping the natural version.

I hope this article puts you at ease to feed your kitty plantains. If you do, let us know how it went in the comments! You can also ask any other questions you have about feeding fruits and veggies to your cat, and I’ll share the needed information with you!

Can cats eat plantain leaves?


Plantain is non-toxic to cats, and they can nibble the leaves without experiencing any issues.

Can cats eat sweet plantains?


Cats can safely consume sweet plantains in moderation.

Is banana a plantain?

Yes and no.

Many cultures don't differentiate between bananas and plantains. They use the word "plantain" to refer to a cooking method instead of the fruit.

However, others describe plantains as larger than commercial bananas. They also say these have a thicker skin and different flavors.

Can cats eat cooked plantains?


It's safe to feed your cat cooked plantains.

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