The Ultimate Guide: Can Cats Eat Spinach?

Spinach is rich in folate, iron, potassium, and vitamins, but can cats eat spinach leaves? 

After I caught my kitties nibbling on my newly sprouted spinach microgreens, I wondered if it was safe for them to eat. While doing some research, I came across excellent information that eased my mind. I also found out that I can safely give them spinach leaves!

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Once you finish reading this article, you’ll be armed with the knowledge I gained and never wonder about the safety of feeding spinach leaves to your cat again.

The Benefits Of Feeding Spinach To Cats

Like us, cats will also enjoy all the benefits of eating spinach. Here are some of the greatest reasons why you should include spinach in your cats’ diet:

  • Fiber: Spinach is loaded with fiber that will improve your pet’s digestive system.
  • Fewer Calories: Your cat won’t put on any excess weight while gaining all the nutrients in spinach.
  • Vitamins and Minerals: Spinach contains vitamins A, B2, B6, C, E, and K. It’s also a calcium, folate, magnesium, and potassium power food!
  • Improves Vision: Spinach can improve eyesight, prevent cataracts, and even reverse the effects of existing eye conditions.
  • Prevents Fatal Diseases: You can improve your cat’s chances of dodging fatal heart diseases and cancer by including spinach in their diet. 

How Can Cats Eat Spinach Leaves?

If you want to include spinach leaves in your cats’ diet, you should know how to best serve it. 

Cooked vs raw spinach

Both cooked and raw spinach are packed with nutrients! When you boil or steam spinach, they lose some vitamins, but your cat will eat more because cooked spinach is compact.

Try serving raw spinach to your cat first. If they like it, it’ll save you a lot of prepping time. 

Spinach portions

You shouldn’t feed your cat more than two portions of spinach a week. It’s good for them, but it should integrate with their weekly diet and not replace meals. 

One big spinach leave equals a healthy portion. If you’re cooking it, you can serve two big leaves. 

What leafy greens can cats eat

Cat Meal Ideas With Spinach

There are several ways you can give your cats spinach besides letting them munch on raw leaves or cooking it for them. You can create interesting treats and meals! Here are some suggestions that my cats loved:

Crunchy spinach and chicken treats

These treats are packed with flavor! You’ll need:

  • 1/2 pound chicken breasts (steamed)
  • 1 cup spinach leaves
  • 1 cup instant oats
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon catnip
  • 1/4 cup flour


Step 1

Preheat your oven to 350°F

Step 2

Blend the chicken, spinach, oats, egg, and catnip until it reaches a coarse consistency.

Step 3

Add flour to the mixture and form a dough.

Step 4

Create small treat-like shapes with the dough.

Step 5

Bake the shapes for about 20 minutes and serve them once cooled. 

You can store these treats in an airtight container in your fridge for up to 3 weeks!

Meaty spinach bowl

A meaty spinach bowl is every cat’s dream! You can put one together for your cat by cutting their favorite meat (or fish) into small chunks. Then, you add a sauce in the same flavor as the meat you chose and mix shredded cooked spinach into it. 

Your cat will gobble it up in no time!

Spinach smoothie

Cats like licking things, and they can do just that with a spinach and yogurt smoothie! It’s simple to make and takes practically no time.

You need to start by cooking two big spinach leaves and then allowing them to cool. Once it’s cooled, you can shred it into tiny pieces and mix it with plain yogurt. If the consistency isn’t liquid enough, you can add some water.

Your cat will love this spinach smoothie as a cold treat. You can even freeze it!

Spinach Alternatives

If your kitty doesn’t like spinach, you can try one of these alternative leafy greens:

Can Spinach Be Bad For Cats?

Spinach is a healthy leafy green that you can include in your cat’s diet. Most cats will have no problems after eating it, but you should avoid feeding them spinach if yours already has urinary tract challenges. In this particular case, spinach can be bad for them.

Raw spinach contains oxalate. This acid can cause urinary tract crystals or kidney stones, and cats with existing urinary tract issues have a higher risk of developing these. 

When you start including spinach in your cats’ diet, you should watch out for any of these symptoms that may indicate oxalate poisoning:

  • Fever
  • Appetite loss
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Vomiting
  • Excessive drooling
  • Frequent or infrequent urination
  • Blood in urine or stools

If you spot any concerning signs, you should immediately seek help from your vet. Serving your cat-cooked spinach lowers their chance of consuming too much oxalate. 

To Sum It Up

Spinach is an excellent choice if you’d like to add some vitamins and minerals to your cat’s diet. It’s easy to grow and prepare and soft on the feline digestive system. 

A healthy portion of cooked spinach will boost your cat’s immune system. There are many ways to serve it, and you can even keep an eye out for dry cat food that contains this super-green. 

If you have any more questions about feeding your cat spinach, ask them in the comments. You can also share some great spinach serving ideas you have!

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Which leafy greens can cats eat?

Cats can eat various leafy greens, including lettuce, spinach, kale, bok choy, and chard. 

How much spinach should I give my cat?

You should only serve your cat one, or two spinach leaves every week. 

Can cats eat spring mix?


The leafy greens in a spring mix can have many dietary benefits for your cat.

Can cats have spinach dip?

Depending on the ingredients in a spinach dip, cats can eat it. 

You'll have to check each ingredient to ensure it's non-toxic to cats before feeding your cat the dip. 

Can cats have raw spinach?

Yes, raw spinach leaves are safe for cats in moderation.