Can Cats Eat Sushi Salmon? Now You’ll Know!

Salmon was the first fish I wanted to feed my cats on their new raw food diet. Before I started, a question popped up in my head: Can cats eat sushi salmon?

I enjoy eating salmon sushi, and my cats always come closer when I do. Of course, I mostly feel guilty eating alone, so I give them a little piece. They both gobble it up, so I know they like it! 

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They only get a small piece every once in a while, so I never gave the health effects much thought. After I decided to put them on a raw diet, I knew I’d have to do more research. 

In this article, I share the benefits of salmon for cats and whether they can eat it raw.

Raw Food Diets For Cats

Many experts advise against following a raw food diet for your cat. It’s a big responsibility to prepare raw foods safely. If you decide to put your kitty on a raw food diet, you need to be willing to follow the proper food prep guidelines. 

Your cat can thrive on a balanced raw food diet. This diet improves gum and teeth health, digestion, stamina and ensures that your fuzzball has a shiny coat and healthy skin. 

A cats’ raw food diet mainly consists of ground bones, organ meat, and raw muscle meat.

Before starting with a raw food diet, you should get your cat checked by a vet. After your vet has cleared your kitty for a raw food diet, they will likely recommend an animal nutrition expert who’ll help you with an eating plan and the right portions for your cat. 

The Benefits Of Feeding Your Cat Salmon

Can I feed salmon skin to my cat?

If you’re wondering if salmon is healthy for cats, the answer is a definite yes! 

Salmon is high in protein, omega 3 & 6 fatty acids, potassium, and B Vitamins. 

The benefits of feeding your cat salmon include:

  • Improved immune system
  • Skin and coat protection
  • Improved eyesight
  • Healthy brain development
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Healthy heart

Salmon is a delicious fish that cats enjoy, and it’s easy for them to digest. 

How To Serve Salmon To Cats

The simplest way to serve salmon is as-is. You might be tempted to create magnificent sushi rolls for your fuzzball, but they’ll enjoy the fish without any fancy additions. 

You can add salmon to your cat’s dry food or mix it with wet food. If you like making homemade cat food, you can just add the salmon as an extra ingredient. 

Salmon portion size for cats

Salmon should not form part of your cat’s daily diet but rather be served as an occasional treat. If your cat eats salmon every day, they may become ill. 

You should not give your cat more than two or three small pieces of salmon at a time. Using one-tenth of a half-fillet for a ten-pound cat is recommended. 

Can cats eat sushi salmon?

The next time you buy sushi, you may want to get your cat a portion to avoid sharing yours. However great this idea sounds, you shouldn’t do it.

Human-sushi is not preferred for your cat. Sushi rice has a lot of sodium, sugar, and carbs. All of these are detrimental to your cat’s health.

It’s best to avoid giving your cat human-sushi. Instead, buy some cat-sushi or just serve them fish. 

Raw salmon vs cooked salmon for cats

You can include salmon in your cat’s diet, as long as it’s cooked. Chicken, turkey, and eggs are better suited for a raw food diet. You should also refrain from feeding your cat canned or smoked salmon.

To avoid an upset stomach, you should cook your cat’s salmon without herbs and spices. Your cat will still get all the good nutrients of salmon when it’s cooked.

When you regularly feed your cat raw salmon, you risk them getting food poisoning from salmonella. Raw salmon also contains thiaminase, which can break down your cat’s vitamin B reserves and lead to a thiamine deficiency. 

If your cat gets sick from raw salmon, they can become lethargic, underweight, and uncoordinated. 

Salmon Alternatives For Cats

If you decide to not give your cat salmon, but you still want to add the same nutrients to their diet, you can try these alternatives: 

Fish are filled with protein, omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin B and D. If you feed your cat cooked fish weekly, their overall health will improve, and you’ll have a happy kitty!

To Conclude

Even if your cat likes the taste of raw salmon, it’s not a healthy meal to feed them. You should always err on the safe side and cook it. 

If you feed your cat raw salmon, your risk them getting ill and possibly dying. There are many tasteful ways to prepare salmon for your cat, and you can even call local pet shops to find out if they make or sell sushi for cats.

You should include fish like salmon in your cat’s diet to improve their health, skin, and coat. Just be careful to not feed them too much – it can lead to immune system issues and obesity. 

If you found this article helpful, let me know in the comments! You can also share any methods you use to cook salmon for your cat or ask additional questions you have.

Can I feed salmon skin to my cat?


How much raw salmon can a cat eat?

Your cat should have no more than one-tenth of a half-fillet raw salmon every once in a while. 

Is it safe to feed cats sushi?

You can safely feed your cat small amounts of sushi, but only as an occasional treat. Raw fish in large quantities can make your cat sick, and the rice used in human-sushi is stripped of its nutrients.

These empty calories turn into sugar when you feed your cat sushi with rice. Overweight cats struggle with heart, joint, and liver function.

Can I feed salmon skin to my cat?

Salmon skin is non-toxic to cats. You can feed your cat cooked skin in moderation.