Can Cats Eat Wheat Bread? Answered!

Bread is rarely recommended in a healthy diet, so can cats eat wheat bread? What I found out will surprise you! 

I’m one of those people who like giving my cats more than plain old store-bought cat food. They’re my children, and I enjoy spoiling them! One time I was eating some avo on wheat toast, and I wondered if cats could eat wheat bread. It’s the only bread recommended in my new diet, so it must be healthy!

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In this article, I share the answer I found to this question. For me, and hopefully for you too, safety comes first when feeding cats human food. 

Can Cats Eat Wheat Bread?

First off, cats don’t need grains to be healthy. Their natural diet contains more than 70% protein, and they only consume vegetation when their vitamin levels need a boost, or they struggle with digestive issues. 

But, can cats eat wheat bread? Yes!

It’s non-toxic, won’t make them sick when you give it to them once in a while, and if your cat is on the verge of obesity, it can even form part of their weight loss meal plan.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Feeding Cats With Wheat Bread

Toppings and flavors

When you feed your cat bread, it should always be plain. Many loaves of bread are infused with garlic, onion, raisins, and even chocolate! These are all bad for cats and can make them extremely sick. 

You should also avoid putting any unsafe toppings on the bread. Many people think butter, peanut butter, or a tiny bit of chocolate spread is okay, but it’s not! These spreads are filled with fat and calories, and no matter how little chocolate you feed your cat, it can be harmful. 


You should only feed your cat wheat bread in moderation. I recommend giving them no more than a cup per month. Of course, not at once!


If you’re baking your own bread, you should know that raw wheat dough can harm your cat. You shouldn’t even give them a small piece and always ensure that your bread is baked through.

Yeast can expand in your cat’s tummy as it does on the counter. This expansion can lead to extreme bloating, and your cat may even require surgery to remove the dough mass. The yeast in raw dough can also produce carbon dioxide or alcohol, which can cause serious health issues. 

Why do cats love bread?

The Benefits Of Wheat Bread For Cats

Some experts say that bread is nothing but empty calories, but wheat bread can benefit your cat. Wheat is an excellent source of fiber, so if your cat has digestive issues, the wheat can actually help them. 

Wheat bread also contains trace amounts of manganese and selenium. Manganese helps a cat’s body properly use proteins, and selenium produces antioxidants. 

Wheat Allergy In Cats

If you’re feeding your cat wheat bread or any other wheat-containing product for the first time, you should keep an eye on them for signs of a wheat allergy. It’s rare, and some cats might not even show any symptoms, but any unusual behavior could indicate an intolerance

Here are some more prominent signs to look out for:

  • Appetite loss
  • Consistent scratching or licking
  • Hair loss or a dry coat
  • Gastrointestinal issues

You should schedule an appointment with your vet if your cat shows any of these symptoms after eating wheat bread, and they don’t seem to subside within a few hours or a day. 

What To Feed Your Cat With Instead Of Wheat Bread?

Many other cat-safe foods contain wheat. If you’re not sure that feeding your kitty wheat bread is the best option, or it’s not to their taste, you can incorporate one of these alternative foods in their diet:

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Cereals
  • Gravy

How To Feed Wheat Bread To A Cat?

If you’re unsure about how to serve bread to your cat, here are some ideas that mine liked:

Bread sushi

To make a Sushi roll, you should:

  1. Flatten one slice of wheat bread.
  2. Generously spread your cat’s favorite wet food onto it.
  3. Roll it up.
  4. Wrap it in cling wrap and put it in the freezer for about 30 minutes.
  5. Take it out, unwrap it, and slice it into sushi-like rolls. 

You can serve your cat one or two of these sushi rolls at a time as part of their meal or a snack!


Making a tiny treat with bread is really easy! Simply:

  1. Cut a slice of wheat bread into strips.
  2. Roll each strip in the palm of your hand to form a small ball.

And you’re done! You can keep these balls in the freezer and give them to your cat as a treat!


Bread makes a great filler when you’re low on cat food, want to stretch what you have, or simply want to add some bread to your cat’s meal. 

To add wheat bread as a filler, you should shred the bread into smaller pieces and mix it with your dry or wet cat food. If you’re mixing it into dry cat food, consider making a sauce to go with it.

Do cats like wheat?

In Summary

Wheat bread isn’t toxic to cats, and most can safely eat it in moderation. If your cat is trying to lose weight, you can even give it to them for a long-lasting full feeling!

I hope this article has shown you how to include wheat bread in your cat’s diet. If you have any unanswered questions or would like to share your bread-serving tips, leave a comment below!

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What kind of bread can cats eat?

Cats can safely eat plain brown and white wheat bread in moderation.

Why do cats love bread?

Many cats love the taste of yeast in bread, while others crave it for its nutritional value.

Do cats like wheat?

Typically, cats enjoy the coarse texture of grainy foods.

Can cats eat bread every day?

No, cats should not eat bread every day. Unless bread is homemade, it's often filled with preservatives that can harm your cat.