Can Cats Eat Ladybugs? The Bitter Truth!

Can Cats Eat Ladybugs The Bitter Truth!

They’re fast, colorful, and fun to chase, but can cats eat Ladybugs? If you often spot these cute little critters in your garden, read this article to know if they’re safe for your kitty to eat. I adore Ladybugs, so I wasn’t too pleased when my cat caught and ate one. I know it’s in … Read more

Can Cats Eat McDonald’s Fries?

Can Cats Eat McDonald's Fries

They aren’t that healthy for you, but can cats eat McDonald’s fries? In this article, I reveal if cats can benefit from this fast treat! McDonald’s fries are crunchy, full of flavor, and the perfect snack when you’re on the road! If you like to eat it on a lazy night at home, you’ve probably … Read more

Can Cats Eat Guava? Get the Facts!

Can Cats Eat Guava Get the Facts!

Guava is a sweet tropical fruit packed with Vitamin C, but can cats eat guava? I unpack this fruit in this article to give you the best answer! Many people agree that guava has a pleasing smell and flavor, and in my house, the cats do too! Whenever I bring some from the farmers’ market, … Read more

Can Cats Eat Turkey Lunch Meat?

Can Cats Eat Turkey Lunch Meat

There’s no doubt that they love meat, but can cats eat turkey lunch meat? Even obligate carnivores have their restrictions. Find out here if lunch meat is one of those! Cats need meat to survive. They use the protein for energy, building muscles, and fueling bodily processes. When they don’t get enough of it, they … Read more