Is Yeast Good For Cats?

Some dieters swear by a yeast-rich diet to promote overall wellness, but do you know how this type of food for cats can cause digestive issues? Nutritional yeast is a type of yeast that has a nutty, cheesy flavor. It has many health benefits for both cats and humans. Though it can be used in … Read more

Is Meat By Products Bad For Cats?

Cats love meat, they’re carnivores. But just like humans, too much meat is bad for them. Here’s some information on the dangers of excess protein and why most cat food has a lower percentage than what cats need to survive as healthy beings The “meat by-products in cat food reddit” is a discussion on the … Read more

Is Rabbit Good For Cats?

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Is Essential Oils Bad For Cats?

Essential oils have become a popular product in the health and wellness market. However, they can be toxic to cats and dogs if used incorrectly. Is essential oils bad for cats is a question that many people ask. Eucalyptus oil is safe for cats, but it should not be used on pregnant or nursing animals. … Read more

Is Sheba Good For Cats?

Sheba is a special type of food that isn’t given to cats very often. It’s often used as an alternative for baby formula when the cat has run out of milk, or just not been able to digest regular cat food. Sheba is a brand of cat food that has been around for many years. … Read more

Is Tea Good For Cats?

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Is Menthol Bad For Cats?

Menthol is typically used in cough drops, throat lozenges, and mints to provide an instant cooling sensation. However, some studies suggest that menthol can be toxic for cats if ingested regularly over a long period of time or when kitty has certain medical conditions such as asthma. Menthol is a compound that is found in … Read more

Is Cat Grass Good For Cats?

Cat Grass is a nutritious, natural and low-maintenance plant that can also be great for feline health. The grass has been praised in the past by veterinarians as not only being good for cats but many other animals as well. Is Cat Grass Good For Cats is the title of a blog post that discusses … Read more

Is Whiskas Bad For Cats?

Cats are one of the most popular pets in North America and Europe, and they make an impactful contribution to many people‚Äôs lives. However, these animals often experience digestive issues because their food consists primarily of protein-based animal byproducts such as chicken, beef or fish. Whiskas is a brand of cat food that has been … Read more

Is Lemon Bad For Cats?

Lemon is a fruit that can be excellent for cats. Cats love lemon and it contains essential nutrients to help them thrive in their natural habitat. However, some breeds of cat are allergic or sensitive to lemons so the owner should consult with their veterinarian before giving lemon to the pet(s). Lemon is a citrus … Read more