Is Blue Buffalo Good For Cats?

Blue Buffalo is a popular brand of pet food that has been around for over 25 years. The company’s slogan is “The higher you look, the more your heart fills with joy.” It seems like Blue Buffalo would be an excellent choice for cats and dogs alike!. Blue Buffalo is a brand of dog food, … Read more

Is Purina Wet Food Good For Cats?

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Is Milk Bad For Cats Kidneys?

Cats are different from dogs. They have a unique physiology and the strictures of their diet must be closely examined to keep them healthy. Many cats, given the choice between meat or milk would choose milk over meat because they lack some key nutrients found in meats like taurine and arachidonic acid that can cause … Read more

Is Meow Mix Wet Food Good For Cats?

Cats are notoriously picky eaters, which is why there are specific types of food that work for them. Meow Mix wet cat food is designed and marketed specifically to meet the dietary needs of cats with sensitive stomachs. It’s also a good source for probiotics, adding beneficial bacteria into your pet’s daily diet. The “meow … Read more

Is Alkaline Water Good For Cats With Kidney Disease?

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Is A Laser Pointer Bad For Cats?

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Is Fancy Feast Classic Good For Cats?

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Why Is Milk Not Good For Cats?

Cats are lactose intolerant and shouldn’t drink milk, but they may be tempted to if it’s the only thing available. Cats should always have access to water in order to stay hydrated, however. If a cat doesn’t know where her litter box is located or can’t find any food, she might become dehydrated quickly due … Read more

Is Catnip Good For Cats Digestion?

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Is Fancy Feast Classic Pate Good For Diabetic Cats?

Fancy Feast is a cat food brand that specializes in entrees and pate, with their product line being primarily composed of chicken. They have made an effort over the last few years to adapt to changing tastes, as indicated by their new recipe from 2017 which focuses on offering cat owners foods that are more … Read more