Is Beef Jerky Bad For Cats?

Cats are not meant to eat beef jerky, nor should they. Cats will often avoid any food that is too hard or tough for them to chew on and their teeth can’t break down the proteins in meat. The best way to prevent your cat from eating inappropriate foods, like beef jerky, is through proper feeding.

Beef jerky is not bad for cats, but it can kill them if they eat too much. Cats are very good at hiding food and will often sneak in the middle of the night to eat a little bit more.

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Are cats allowed beef jerky?

Yes, cats are allowed beef jerky.

What happens if my cat eats beef jerky?

If your cat eats beef jerky, they will likely vomit it back up. Beef jerky is not a good food for cats to eat because of the high fat content in it.

A cat eating teriyaki beef jerky is not a good idea. Cats are carnivores and beef jerky can cause them to have an upset stomach or even vomit. If your cat has eaten beef jerky, contact the vet immediately. Reference: my cat ate teriyaki beef jerky.

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