Is Canned Chicken Bad For Cats?

Canned chicken is one of the most popular convenience foods for humans, but beware! Canned food often contains dangerous levels of BPA. Experts say that canned chicken can be harmful to cats too. Cats typically eat a greater amount than their weight in food and make up more than 50% of cases where animals are poisoned by pet toxicosis.

Canned chicken is bad for cats. The canned food contains a preservative called ethoxyquin which is toxic to cats. If you want to make your own cat food, try using homemade cat food with canned chicken.

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Can cats eat canned meats?

Cats can eat canned meats, but it is not recommended.

Can I give my cat canned chicken breast?

Yes, you can give your cat canned chicken breast. Cats love canned food and will eat it happily.

Can cats eat canned chicken broth?

Cats can eat canned chicken broth as long as it is not expired.


Canned chicken is not a good option for your cat. Cats should only eat food that is fresh, raw and unprocessed. Reference: can cats eat chicken.

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