Is Meat By Products Bad For Cats?

Cats love meat, they’re carnivores. But just like humans, too much meat is bad for them. Here’s some information on the dangers of excess protein and why most cat food has a lower percentage than what cats need to survive as healthy beings

The “meat by-products in cat food reddit” is a discussion on the internet about whether or not meat by-products are bad for cats.

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What is meat by-products in cat food?

Meat by-products are the parts of an animal that arent used for human consumption, such as the organs and bones.

What are some of the worst cat foods?

The worst cat foods are those that contain ingredients such as chicken by-products, beef by-products, or other meat by-products. These ingredients can cause digestive problems and even lead to food poisoning in cats.

The “meat by-products in human food” is a question that has been asked before. The answer to the question is yes, meat by-products are bad for cats.

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