Is Orijen Good For Cats?

Orijen is a well-known brand of pet food that has served many cats and dogs with its high quality ingredients. There are several different types of Orijen foods, but most importantly the food does not use any questionable meat or grains which makes it perfect for pets who have allergies to certain products.

Orijen is a brand of cat food that is made from natural ingredients. The company believes in the importance of feeding your pets a diet rich in nutrients and protein.

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Is orijen good for indoor cat?

Orijen is a high quality food that is perfect for indoor cats. It has all the nutrients they need, and its made of 100% natural ingredients.

How long does ORIJEN dry cat food last?

The shelf life of ORIJEN dry cat food is about 3 years.


Orijen is a brand of cat food that has been in the news recently because it was sued by the company’s competitor, Blue Buffalo. The lawsuit claims that Orijen’s advertising is false and misleading to consumers. Reference: orijen cat food lawsuit.

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