Is Pedialyte Bad For Cats?

Cats can’t drink water. What do you feed them?

Pedialyte is a drink that has been created to help rehydrate people who have been dehydrated. The drink is also good for cats, but it can be bad if the cat drinks too much of it.

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Is Pedialyte good for kittens?

Pedialyte is not good for kittens.

Is it safe to give animals Pedialyte?

Yes, it is safe to give animals Pedialyte. It is not a medicine and will not harm the animal in any way.


In most cases, Pedialyte is not bad for cats. It has electrolytes that are good for them and it can prevent dehydration. However, if you notice your cat is vomiting or not drinking water, they should be taken to the vet. Reference: electrolytes for cats petsmart.

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