Is Regular Milk Good For Cats?

Cats and milk are a match made in heaven. But is this all due to historical association, or has science proven that cows just taste better? Find out the truth behind these two dairy products.

Cats are lactose intolerant, so it is best for them to drink milk that does not contain lactose. This includes regular milk, as well as lactose-free milk. Regular milk can be a good source of calcium and protein for cats. Read more in detail here: can cats drink lactose-free milk.

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What kind of milk is good for cats?

The best milk for cats is whole milk.

Is regular milk good for kittens?

Regular milk is not good for kittens. Kittens need a special type of milk that is made specifically for them.

Can you give a kitten regular milk?

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Milk is a great source of calcium for cats. However, milk contains lactose which may cause stomach upset in some cats. If your cat has diarrhea or vomiting after drinking milk, it is best to give them water. Reference: milk for cats.

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