Is Sausage Good For Cats?

Cats are picky eaters and like to go it alone when it comes to food. But, sometimes a little bit of sausage can help them get over the hump. However, cats should never be given red meat or poultry because these foods have too high levels of nitrites in them which can cause health problems for felines such as vomiting and anemia.

The question “Can cats eat chicken sausage?” is a popular one. The answer to this question is that it depends on the type of cat you have and how they react to meat. If your cat has never eaten any meat, it may be best to avoid giving them any.

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Can a cat eat sausage?

Yes, cats can eat sausage.

Can kittens eat cooked sausages?

Yes, they can.

Can cats eat raw sausage meat?

Yes. Cats are omnivores and can eat raw meat, including sausage meat.

The “my cat ate a raw sausage” is not a question, but it is an example of a general topic.

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