Is Watermelon Good For Cats?

Watermelon is a great snack for cats because it provides flavor and nutrients, but not too much sugar. Plus, watermelons are easy to digest due to the high amount of fluids in them. Just make sure that your cat doesn’t eat more than one or two at once!

Is watermelon good for cats? As a general rule, no. However, some cats have been known to enjoy the taste of watermelons.

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Is watermelon rind poisonous to cats?

Yes, watermelon rind is poisonous to cats.

Why does my cat love watermelon?

Cats love watermelon because it is a high-water content fruit. They are also attracted to the smell of melon, which is why they will often lick their food before eating it.

How much watermelon can a cat eat?

This is a difficult question to answer, as cats are not known for their eating habits. However, it has been said that a cat can eat up to 10 pounds of watermelon in one sitting.


Watermelon is a sweet fruit that cats can eat. However, they should not eat the rind because it contains high levels of oxalates. Reference: can cats eat watermelon rind.

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