Is Wet Cat Food Bad For Cats Teeth?

Wet cat food doesn’t need to be bad for your cat’s teeth, but it is often because the lack of chewing and saliva. A dry diet can help prevent tartar buildup which in turn prevents dental disease as well.

Wet cat food is bad for cats teeth because it causes bacteria to grow. It can also cause a build-up of plaque and tartar. This is why dry food is recommended for your kitty. Read more in detail here: is wet food bad for cats.

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Is wet or dry food better for cats teeth?

Dry food is better for teeth because it doesnt have as much moisture in it. Wet food has a higher moisture content and can cause plaque buildup on your cats teeth.

How do I know if my cats teeth hurt?

If your cats teeth hurt, you can tell by the way they are biting down on something. They may be biting down on a toy or blanket to try and get some relief from their discomfort.

Does wet cat food cause tooth decay?

Wet cat food is not a cause of tooth decay.


Wet cat food is bad for cats teeth. It can cause dental disease, oral ulcers, and gum disease. Cats should only have dry food or water. Reference: is cat food harmful to cats.

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