Why Is Friskies Bad For Cats?

Friskies is a cat food brand that advertises itself as “just plain simple, good for you and your furry friend.” But could this be the case? Experts say it’s not as healthy for cats. The company was founded in 1887, but now has been acquired by Nestle Purina LLC. What are some alternatives to Friskies?

The “friskies canned cat food kills cats” is a popular quote that has been circulating the internet for years. The reason why this quote is so popular, is because it’s true. Friskies canned cat food contains a lot of preservatives and artificial flavors, which are toxic to cats.

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Is Friskies wet cat food bad for your cat?

Friskies wet cat food is not bad for your cat.

How does Friskies cat food rate?

Friskies cat food is a high quality brand of dry cat food that provides your pet with the nutrients they need to stay healthy.

Is Little Friskies good for cats?

Little Friskies is not a good food for cats. It contains too many preservatives and artificial colors that are toxic to cats.

Can kittens eat Friskies Lil soups?

Yes, kittens are very fond of Friskies Lil soups.

Is Friskies dry food good for cats?

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Friskies is a cat food brand that has been around for decades. However, it is not the best choice for your cats. Fancy Feast is a much better option. Reference: is fancy feast a good cat food.

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