Is Basil Bad For Cats?

Basil is a plant that comes from the Mediterranean region and has been used as an herb for centuries. Now, people have turned to basil as a way of keeping their cats healthy by adding it to their food or putting drops in water bowls. Is this trend good for our feline friends?

The “is parsley toxic to cats” is a question that many people have been asking for quite some time. The answer, unfortunately, is no.

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Does basil make cats sick?

Basil is a herb that can be used to make pesto. Cats are not allergic to basil, so it should not cause any problems for your cat.

Are cats attracted to basil?

No, cats are not attracted to basil.

Is basil toxic to cats and dogs?

Basil is toxic to cats and dogs.

Basil is considered to be toxic for dogs, cats, and other mammals. Cats are more sensitive than dogs, so make sure to keep your cat away from basil. Reference: is basil toxic to dogs.

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