Can Cats Eat Black Pepper? Is It Safe?

Can Cats Eat Black Pepper

Before exposing them to any, you should ask yourself if cats can eat black pepper. Many spices can harm your kitty – is black pepper one of them? Black pepper helps food taste better. It’s a common cooking ingredient, and some people even add it to their food before eating it. If you do this, … Read more

Can Hawks Eat Cats? Here’re The Facts!

Can Hawks Eat Cats

If you have a kitty and live in an area that isn’t free of predator birds, you might be wondering if hawks can eat cats. There are some interesting facts about this! Protecting your cat from any predator isn’t an easy job. They like to explore and are usually up for the challenge if something … Read more

Can Cats Eat Blueberry Muffins? The Hard Truth!

Can Cats Eat Blueberry Muffins

If you have a tree in your garden, you might wonder if cats can eat blueberry muffins. It’s good to do research before you give them this fruit! Blueberries are tasty, and whether you get a sweet or tangy one, your cats might show interest in this tiny piece of fruit. You should feed your … Read more

Can Cats Eat Boiled Chicken? Here’s the Answer!

Can Cats Eat Boiled Chicken Here's the Answer!

It’s rare that meat isn’t good for them, but can cats eat boiled chicken? Here’s what you need to know before serving some to your kitty! Cats will come running at the smell of almost any type of meat your prepare. Chicken has a yummy aroma even when you don’t add any spices, so your … Read more

Fruity Goodness: Can Cats Eat Strawberry Leaves?

Fruity Goodness Can Cats Eat Strawberry Leaves

Almost all fruits are good for them, but can cats eat strawberry leaves? If your cat likes nibbling in your fruit garden, you should know this! Cats are carnivores, and while fruit doesn’t form part of their diet in the wild, it’s still a good idea to include some in their weekly menu. Strawberries are … Read more

Can Cats Eat Cotton Candy?

Can Cats Eat Cotton Candy

Feeding sweet treats in moderation won’t do them harm, but can cats have cotton candy? The answer to this sugar powerhouse shouldn’t surprise you! One of my favorite things to buy at the fair is cotton candy, and I always bring a few bags home. While my cats give it a few curious sniffs, they … Read more

Can Cats Eat Slim Jims?

Can Cats Eat Slim Jims

Turkey, beef, and chicken are all good for them, but can cats eat Slim Jims? Before serving this everyday snack to your feline, you should know what it would do to them! When you sink your teeth into a Slim Jims stick, the proteins break down to deliver an explosion in your mouth. If you … Read more

Can Cats Eat Pork Rinds? Safe or Not?

Can Cats Eat Pork Rinds Safe or Not

Carnivores will eat every part of an animal to ensure they get all the meaty goodness, but can cats eat pork rinds? You can serve your kitty pork occasionally, but not every part of this animal is good for them, although safe. If your cats are like mine, they’ve probably made you feel guilty for … Read more

Can Cats Eat Pork Chops?

Can Cats Eat Pork Chops

It’s widely available and an affordable source of protein, but can cats eat pork chops? This is what you need to know! Pork chops are a favorite in my house, and when my cats start purring at my legs for a bite, I always give in. Once, a friend asked me if it was really … Read more

Fishy Facts For Felines: Can Cats Eat Scallops?

Fishy Facts For Felines Can Cats Eat Scallops

Typically, cats love any kind of seafood, but can cats eat scallops? Not all edibles living underwater are safe for your kitty to consume, and you need to know which are best to steer away from. Scallops have a salty yet slightly sweet flavor, and the smell engulfing your kitchen while you cook it will … Read more