Can Cats Eat Mangos? Vitamin Powerhouse Or Fatal?

Can Cats Eat Mangos Vitamin Powerhouse Or Fatal

It’s creamy, sweet, and an explosion of goodness in your mouth, but can cats eat mangos? If you want to share a bite of this exotic fruit with your cat, you need to know if it’s safe for them.  Mangos are one of the sweetest fruits, and your kitty might be interested when they get … Read more

Can Cats Eat Lavender? Yes and No!

Can Cats Eat Lavender Yes and No!

Fields of purple lavender look great in any backyard, but if you have cats, you need to ask: Can cats eat lavender? I’ve never had the space to grow a lavender field, but having some plants in a windowsill pot would be enough to soothe my soul. Knowing how curious my cats are, I knew … Read more

Can Cats Eat Lemongrass?

Can Cats Eat Lemongrass

Having this beautiful bush in your garden is always a treat for the eyes, but can cats eat lemongrass? Before growing this healing plant, you should know how it will affect your pets.   Lemongrass is known for its many healing properties, fresh and light lemony smell, and long green stalks. It makes an attractive addition … Read more

Kitty Diet: Can Cats Eat Plantains?

Kitty Diet Can Cats Eat Plantains

Adding fruits and veggies to their diet helps to keep it balanced, but can cats eat plantains? Before you feed this exotic fruit to your pet, you should know the answer to this question! Plantains aren’t much different from bananas. They look and taste similar, but plantains have thicker skin. It’s also rare to find … Read more

Predator To Prey: Can Owls Eat Cats?

Predator To Prey Can Owls Eat Cats

They’re cute, they hoot, and they’re rarely seen as predators, but can owls eat cats? Owls thrive on meat, and they adjust their diet to whatever food is available in their environment. Their size also plays a big role in what they eat.  In this article, I share everything you need to know about owls … Read more

Fishy Facts: Can Cats Eat Shrimp Tails?

Fishy Facts Can Cats Eat Shrimp Tails

Cats are carnivores, and seafood forms part of their diet, but can cats eat shrimp tails? It’s easy to think that a shrimp’s body is healthy for cats, but the head, shell, and tails may not be.  My cats always come closer when I’m preparing seafood. The fishy smell lures them in! Usually, I’d discard … Read more

Can Cats Eat Mac And Cheese? The Surprising Facts!

Can Cats Eat Mac And Cheese The Surprising Facts!

It’s an all-time favorite comfort meal, but can cats eat mac and cheese? After reading this, you’ll never have to wonder again! I like sharing leftovers with my cats. They usually beg for a bite during mealtime, and when I give them what’s left, nothing gets wasted. Mac and cheese always trigger their smell, and … Read more

Can Cats Eat Hotdogs? A Simple Answer!

Can Cats Eat Hotdogs A Simple Answer!

In movies, it’s common to see pets stealing a bite from street vendors, but can cats eat hotdogs? You should know the truth about this quick snack before feeding it to your cats! It’s easy to assume that hotdogs are good for cats because they’re made from meat. Cats are true carnivores, and eating meat … Read more

Is Pet Armor Good For Cats?

One of the hottest products to hit the market recently has been a new line of pet armor that claims to provide your cat with 50% more protection. Critics say there is no way this can be true, but reviews have still made it one of Amazon’s biggest sellers. What do we know about these … Read more

Is Peanut Butter Bad For Cats?

Peanut Butter is bad for cats because it can cause them to have a severe allergic reaction. Cats are susceptible to getting an allergy when they eat certain foods that contain ingredients that trigger their immune system, leading to hives and swelling of the throat, mouth or tongue. Experts say peanut butter could be dangerous … Read more