Is Hummus Bad For Cats?

Cats get confused by a lot of foods, but hummus may be particularly hard to digest. It’s not just the chickpeas that cats might have trouble with – it can also contain olive oil and other ingredients that are dangerous for your pet. Check out which spices or seasonings you should avoid when feeding your cat in this article from Pets Best Magazine..

The “is garlic bad for cats” question is a common one. If you want to know the answer, I recommend that you read the article on “is garlic bad for cats.”

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Can cats eat carrots and hummus?

Cats can eat carrots and hummus, but they should not be fed the same food in one meal.


Garlic and onion are toxic to cats. The best way to get rid of the problem is to feed them with a bland diet, such as boiled chicken and rice. If your cat has eaten garlic hummus, it would be wise to take him or her to the vet for an emergency visit. Reference: cat ate garlic hummus.

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