Is Tuna Cat Food Bad For Cats?

Though tuna is a popular cat food, it can be bad for cats. Tuna contains high amounts of the oils that cause kidney problems in cats and other species. If you feed your fish to your kitty, make sure you’re giving them something else as well.

Tuna is a popular food for cats. However, some tuna cat foods contain mercury which can be bad for your cat’s health. Read more in detail here: does tuna cat food contain mercury.

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How often can cat eat tuna cat food?

Cats can eat tuna cat food as much as they want. They are carnivores and need to consume meat in order to survive.


Tuna is a type of fish that is often used as a food for cats. Cats are carnivores, and tuna in water can be bad for them. However, it’s not always true that all cats should avoid tuna as long as they’re eating other types of food. Reference: can cats eat tuna in water.

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