Is Lettuce Good For Cats?

For the cat owner in your life, you’ve probably been asked this question more than once. While lettuce is not a bad option for cats to eat, it can also lead to some health problems if eaten too often. Here are just a few of them so keep an eye out: “Is iceberg lettuce safe … Read more

Is Bone Broth Good For Cats?

Bone broth is a traditional food, and it’s packed with nutrients that have been shown to support healthy aging. It has also become popular in the human diet as people seek out digestible, nutrient-rich foods like bone broth on top of its health benefits. But can you really feed your cat bone soup? ] Bone … Read more

Is Air Freshener Bad For Cats?

Just like humans, cats have a sensitive sense of smell. Air fresheners may mask the odor that’s making your cat so uncomfortable. But some experts say they’re not harmful as long as you keep them out of reach for your feline friend. The “best air freshener for cats” is a question that has been asked … Read more

Is Cold Food Bad For Cats?

Cats are very sensitive to temperature, so it’s important to keep them cool when the weather is warm. This can be challenging with humans being constantly on the go and having lots of outdoor activities in warmer climate zones. While cold food might be a popular kitty treat for some people, too much ice cream … Read more

Is Sweet Potato Good For Cats?

Does your cat like sweet potatoes? You may be wondering if the nutrient-rich root vegetable is good for cats. The short answer: yes, but you should limit how much of it they eat to avoid any potential health risks. Sweet potato is a vegetable that can be used to feed cats. Some people say it … Read more

Is Flour Bad For Cats?

Flour is often used in homemade cat treats, but if your cat has a sensitive tummy it could cause digestive problems. Learn the risks and benefits of flour for cats so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to use this essential household item in your pet’s diet. The “Is milk bad … Read more

Is Bamboo Bad For Cats?

As more and more people have begun to embrace bamboo as a material for flooring, furniture, and other products in recent years there has been an increase of concern surrounding the toxic effects on animals. Many cats are particularly sensitive to it; some express immediate symptoms such as vomiting or even die from exposure. What … Read more

Is Purina Fancy Feast Good For Cats?

Purina Fancy Feast is a canned food brand for cats. It’s good for your cat to use as a treat, but it should be used in moderation as not all of the ingredients are nutritious and some don’t have much nutritional value so you might want to consider making your own homemade treats or finding … Read more

Is Aloe Plant Bad For Cats?

Many cats like to chew on aloe leaves because of their strong flavor, but some may experience “upset stomach,” vomiting, or diarrhea. Aloe can also cause mouth ulcers and inflammation if a cat licks the juice from the leaf too much. If you’re at all concerned about your furry friend’s reaction to this plant, it … Read more

Is Honey Good For Sick Cats?

Honey is a natural substance that is often used to help heal the bodies of sick animals. It’s also occasionally recommended for humans with medical conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, or cancer recovery. We explore its health benefits and whether it can actually be good for sick cats in this blog post Honey is a … Read more